A Typical Pre-Christmas Day in Andalusia

10:00 – Wake up, slightly hungover.

10:05 – Heat water for coffee.  Curse the failing microwave, purported to be “new” despite its 1970s style.

10:20 – Walk 15 minutes to the library for bad wifi.

10:30 – Run into a friend of the family.  Have him ask me if I’m pregnant.  (I’m not pregnant.)

11:00 – Drive one hour to Costco.

You don’t see this in every Costco!

12:03 – Decide Costco is too expensive.  Proceed to spend the next two hours there.

3:30 – Weak with hunger, decide to change the itinerary and go straight to lunch.

3:37 – Collectively bemoan the lack of siesta.

4:00 – Arrive at the restaurant, with “only an hour” until the restaurant closes (for “lunch”).

4:01 – Gorge on fresh salmon, crabs, octopus, shrimp, etc.

5:10 – Head to the other supermarket, “The Rich Zone” (aka “the gypsy supermarket”).

5:24 – Note that none of the recently stolen ham legs are being sold in front of the store.

5:30 – Can no long avoid using dirty, soap-less, toilet-paper-less public bathrooms.  Die inside.

5:41 – Fight through hordes of lamb-carrying Spaniards.

People in a grocery store.
Spaniards are serious about food. Especially at Christmas.

7:00 – Leave with a cart full of items, including a €150 leg of ham.

8:00 – Arrive at home, tired and full.  Eat olives, cheese, bread, octopus salad, crepes, squash soup.

9:57 – Get beaten at Parcheesi.

11:00 – Go to sleep.

Satisfaction level: 98%.  Remote work completed: 0.


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