Getting Started with Remote Work

I love to travel. So ever since my friend Peter said, “I got into graphic design so that I could work from anywhere”, I was hooked on the idea of remote work. But I didn’t pursue it – I just barraged people who shared that they worked remotely – “omgwhatdoyoudo!??!” and then felt disappointed when they told me it was sales, computer coding, or design.


But finally, in March 2017, I actively started looking for work that I could do from anywhere with an internet connection. And this week, I will be leaving my day job to run my social media business, Mundo Social Media. Let me tell you a bit about that, and the other easy-to-start opportunities I came across in my quest to work remotely:

  • Social media – The path that I chose! I’m in an amazing course (Social Media United) that covers all the major platforms, how to get clients, how to set up systems, etc. But my favorite part is a Facebook community of over 1000 helpful social media managers – it’s definitely worth checking out the $1 USD 1 week trial!
  • Virtual Assistance – If you can enter data, you can be a VA! But there are more interesting projects too. I’ve helped with writing and promotions.
  • Transcription – Listen to audio, type out what you hear. A bit boring, and I failed a qualifying test, so perhaps not that easy!
  • Teaching English – There are dozens of companies that provide you with the lesson plans and pay reasonably well.
  • Customer service – The pay and the hours aren’t great, but it’s an option.

If you want to live from anywhere, you can. It just takes a bit of research and a lot of hard work!

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