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the expedition to

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Working Remote: The Practice Round

I’m headed to the Andalusia, in the south of Spain, for an ENTIRE MONTH.

The quaint country home where I will be staying.  In my dreams.

There will be tapas and siestas and day trips to exotic places where I will quite possibly fall to my death.

Caminito Del Rey.  Either the best – or the deadliest – day trip of all time.

But, meanwhile, I will also be working on my (soon to be) rockin’ social media business.

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Now, you might think that the biggest challenge to my work will be the plethora of distractions available.  But no, my friends.  I’ve had the pleasure of going to Spain many time, so I already know that the real challenge is THIRD WORLD INTERNET.

I know, I know.  Spain is a modern country, and it (allegedly) has fiber-optic internet throughout the country.

But MY internet access is usually cobbled together through a combination of:

  • walking across town to the Library (which closes for siesta from 2-4);
  • visiting the Internet cafe, with internet speeds that rival dial-up;
  • badgering my father-in-law to use his phone as a hot spot (but he’s normally out enjoying the weather, visiting friends, playing dominos, and drinking wine – Spain’s a great place to be a retiree);
  • perching on freezing stairways in an attempt to use wi-fi from local businesses (although I think they’re on to me); OR
  • walking across town to use our friends’ wifi.

So basically, FML.

(In related news, my BFF Deema will need to contact me over the holidays, and has FORBIDDEN ME to be without internet.  [She claims that she is ‘from the internet’, so the lack of it is very confusing and hard on her.])

But have no fear: Carlos has promised me that, if/when we move to Spain, we will have internet.  And heat.  And A/C.  And a goat.  In no particular order.

He shall be known as “Deema”.  



Why Mundo Social Media?

My name is Shelly, and I love to travel.  Ever since I spent two glorious weeks in Paris with a friend and her family at age 16, I’ve been hooked.

And yet, there is the economic reality.  Travel costs money.

I’ve found myself in some very awesome – but not-consistent-with-travel – jobs.  I’ve worked as a live-in Youth Worker with up to eleven 17 to 21 year old volunteers Katimavik in the housseee).  I’ve set up home support services for seniors and disables adults.  I am currently working as a communications analyst, with projects that range from web site development to public engagement.

I’ve enjoyed them all, but the one thing I didn’t enjoy was figuring out how I was going to explore South-East Asia with two weeks of vacation.  (Yes, Europeans, Australians, and Aussies.  Two weeks is the minimum legal requirement for vacation time in Canada.  Cry for us.)

I had my eyes set on teaching English abroad as a way to travel and save money, but then my eyes landed on something – or, rather, someone – else.  In 2012, I was hiking through the Pyrenees, loaded with a heavy pack and starting my journey on the Camino de Santiago, when I met my partner Carlos.

Although he has lots of skills (he’s a chef, be jealous), teaching English isn’t an option for him.  So I was back to the drawing board.  We are currently living in a small town in Canada, and the monotony is killing us.

But finally – something clicked!  I could work remotely!  My friends already joked that I was “from the internet”.  I looked at SEO, managing Air B n’ B rentals, becoming a travel blogger… and then I happened upon Social Media United, and the clouds parted.  I would become a Social Media Manager!

I was already running the Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts where I worked, and I loved it. I was growing followers, having success with Facebook ads, and getting great feedback.  I was ready to be a Social Media Strategist!